Diamond Landscaping, Inc.Investing in Landscaping

Improving Your Home's Worth through Landscaping

Curb Appeal is important when it comes time to sell, and a well cared for lawn is the perfect way to grab attention of potential home buyers. Curb appeal can add nearly 20 percent value to your home during resale making landscaping a great investment. Zillow, the nation’s leading real estate website lists some of the most important aspects to consider when hiring a local landscaping professional to update and maintain your gardens:

  1. Experience: Ensure the landscaper has been in the business for many years; an experienced landscaper will have the best knowledge of care and design with professional customer service skills.
  2. Share Your Plans: If you have many design ideas but don’t know where to start, a professional landscaper will be able to compile, define and execute in order to create the good looking, functional landscape.
  3. Begin Early: Your landscape investment literally grows larger over the years. Landscaping projects see the great return on their investment after 5 years so it’s important to start them early.